The essentials to get the computer cleaned, updated, and checked over.


All the basics included: Disk clean and defrag, optimisation, virus wipe & updates.


All the essentials with physical cleaning and more advanced optimisation.


Everything in essential, plus physical clean and some proactive fault finding.


If you've picked up something nasty, you'll want it gone, quick!


Some heavier viruses may require full resets, but you will always be informed.

Essential Service

Full Service

Malware Removal

Something wrong but you don't know what? We can have a look and find out what the issue is.


This fee is waivered if the repairs are carried out by us.


We operate a no fix, no fee guarantee.

Here is a select list of services and repairs we can offer for both desktops and laptops.

Whether you're upgrading, replacing or adding, we can install it for you.

from £10.00

£10 includes RAM, Graphics, Storage, Opticals and fans. MB and PSU are £20.

Hardware Installs

Complete wipe of all data, then fresh reinstall of operating system.


We can also do a simple OS install for new setups at a reduced price.

Resets & Installs


Secure and irretrievable data wipe of a storage drive without destroying it.


Bulk discounts available.

Data Wipe

Some things just aren't as simple, so we can repair by the hour.

£20.00 p/hr

You will always be quoted, notifed and you'll never have to pay more than you need.

Hourly Repairs

  • New system set ups

  • Callouts

  • Custom building of computers

  • Password resets

  • Basic data recovery

  • System Corruption

  • Software repairs and installation

  • Blue Screen of death debugging

and more!

We can also help with

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